Urbanna Spa Shea Butter


 Shea Butter 

Contains: Whipped Shea Butter, Green Tea, Rose Hip, and Essential Oils.

~ Green Tea is an antioxident which neutralizes free radicals in the body. Free radicals occur naturally in the body, but are also produced by exposure to ultraviolet rays, radiation, cigarette smoke and air pollution. They are responsible for cell and DNA damage. Tea seed oil has anti-inflammatory properties. It also has anti-aging properties as it inhibits the breakdown of collagen that is responsible for keeping the skin firm and elastic.
~ Rose Hip has an anti-aging benefit when used on your face. This comes about due to the antioxidants and the oil's ability to penetrate into deeper layers of skin. The Vitamin C antioxidants stimulate collagen production. It also helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles. The oil can penetrate due to the Vitamin A, which has small enough molecules to go deeper into the skin. Vitamin A improves the skin's moisture levels and reduces wrinkles and fine lines
~Essential Oils have many healing properties and will help calm the nervous system, improve sleep quality, combat joint pain, and fight everything from urinary disorders, respiratory problems, high blood pressure, acne and much more!